ASDAN provides programmes and qualifications for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Our courses have been developed for learners with a wide range of learning needs and abilities and provide meaningful outcomes through a person-centred approach.

ASDAN qualifications support learners' aspirations from being able to live as independently as possible through to  developing the skills to gain employment. They are approved and regulated in England (Ofqual).

Towards Independence provides a framework of activities to develop and accredit personal, social, work-related and independent living skills.

Towards Independence offers formal recognition for small steps of achievement towards a larger goal. There are more than 70 modules, which can be used separately and accumulated to build a record of personal achievement.




It is possible that you can apply for funding to attend any of our ASDAN courses or we can accept Direct Payments or self-funding. Additional days and hours could be incoporated, accessing our daycentre The Base. Cost will depend on service user's individual needs and level of support plus £10 per day to cover session costs. Please call us to discuss. 

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