Staff Vacancies

Working for Highfield can bring many rewards by way of job satisfaction and professional development opportunities, including  –

  • a full induction programme
  • an extensive ongoing training package
  • support to complete a QCF (formally nvq) in Health and Social Care
  • opportunities to further training and qualifications


In exchange, our staff are expected to be flexible, forward thinking, be dedicated to their role as a member of Highfield’s Care Team and show compassion to the service users in their care.


As part of their role as a Care Team Member, staff will be expected to do the following (as covered in the Job Description) in regards to –



  • Provide appropriate personal care to service users, which may involve offering assistance in washing, bathing, dressing, and all others aspects of personal hygiene.
  • Assist the Registered Manager in prompting a safe experiential environment, enabling service users to achieve maximum personal development.
  • Assist the Registered Manager to provide the highest possible standard of care and quality of life to the service users using the service.
  • Assist the Registered Manager in implementing the “5 Core principles” of service delivery including the Principles of Normalisation; by becoming familiar with such principles and adopting and demonstrating them throughout your working practices
  • Where identified in individual care plans, help prepare meals with the service user, and if appropriate sit with the service user offering appropriate support.
  • To respect and actively promote service users social integration.
  • Provide escort support to service users attending routine medical or dental appointments etc.
  • To oversee or if required administer prescribed medication in accordance with the procedure in operation as agreed in individual care plans (and after receiving appropriate training).
  • Assist in social competence inside the service user’s home and within the community including providing escort for shopping and recreational activities.
  • Develop and maintain a close collaboration between the service user’s home and college, social clubs or voluntary place of employment, whichever is appropriate.
  • Maintain and respect the confidentiality of any information, relating to either the service users, fellow colleagues, or the company in general, which may be acquired during the carrying out of one’s duties whether this information is verbal, written or visual.
  • Carry out any other legitimate and appropriate duty as required by the Registered Manager.

Administration / Management


  • Provide a written summary of each service users daily activities in accordance with the procedure in operation within the service and agreed in individual care plans.    
  • Notify the Registered Manager of all salient changes in service user’s health status including behavior or general well-being.
  • Comply with all aspects of the Health and Safety Policy and ensure that the Registered Manager is informed of any situation which may have an adverse effect on the health and safety of those service users and staff within the company. And contribute and be aware of personal responsibilities and accountability for helping to ensure that a safe working environment is maintained in accordance with legislation; Health and Safety at Work C.O.S.H.H., Medicines, Manual handling, Fire safety, Basic First aid.  
  • To fully comply with the NO SMOKING policy, this is in operation throughout the service.
  • Be familiar with and uphold ALL policies and procedure in operation within the service and to keep up to date with any changes made to any of these documents. Informing the Registered manager of any difficulties which may amount to training needs in relation to these policies and procedures
  • Maintain if required accurate and detailed financial records pertaining to service users spending as agreed within individual care plans.
  • Maintain if required accurate and detailed financial records pertaining to service user’s household spending as agreed in individual care plans.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed vehicle records where required to enable expense claims.
  • In line with the company policy relating to staff training. Care team members are to undertake periodic appraisal of performance and to undertake and participate in periods of training appropriate to the level to which the individuals grade and duties requires,
  • To comply with agreed planned interventions such as Consequence profiles, Behavior and risk assessment strategies, and including all other relevant protocols.
  • To participate and actively contribute in the completion of the service users Care Plans/documentation, if required.
  • To regularly attend team meetings, including if necessary Meetings which are held outside an individual’s normal hours of duty. In such circumstances such meetings will attract additional payment.



  • To carry out a number of domestic responsibilities include household cleaning, service users laundry, home / service users shopping and cooking as directed and agreed within individual service user care plans.
  • To comply if required with the service user’s homes cleaning schedule as within the individual care plan. Such duties may be required to be undertaken with or without the service user’s assistance.
  • To ensure that the service users clothing is laundered in accordance with the washing and ironing instruction pertaining to the individual garment. Where necessary and appropriate make suitable repair, and finally ensure that such items of clothing are returned to the service user’s wardrobe in such a manner as to be ready to be worn again.
  • To notify the appropriate individual whenever clothing requires replacing.
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