The current fee for the Outreach services is –

£13.38                   per hour on a 1:1 basis

£0.45                    per mile transport allowance


Other expenses (for example having a coffee when out with your staff) will need to be met, as you would with any other service but staff are asked to be considerate of price and best value.


Please see The Base for fees to use the day service if you wish to combine services provided. 

The hourly fee is the bench mark rate for Lancashire County Council. In most cases, the hourly fee will be covered by your personal budget. Alternatively, you may wish to self fund (use your own savings or benefits if for any reason you cannot get funding).


Any mileage expenses could be covered with your mobility allowance.


If you haven't already got a personal budget, if necessary, Highfield can support you to apply for funding in partnership with your Social Worker. We can also help you work on your support plan, allowing you to ‘get the most for your money’.

The hourly rate includes all tax and national insurance contributions, payroll, CRB checks, recruitment costs, reference checks, training, a management team, employer and public liability insurances, holiday pay etc so you don’t have to worry about any of these on-costs as you may if you were employing a Personal Assistant (P.A.).

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