Outreach has been designed to offer flexible support to people with personal budgets who may live in their own or in the family home.

Sometimes people living alone or with family who may have other commitments, struggle to get the support they need.


The provision will provide a small team of experienced and trained support staff to work with you, all of whom will receive an induction about the care and support you need and want.


Working with a team, rather than an individual PA means that any staff absences or annual leave can be covered with minimal disruption to your support package. 

Sometimes people using our Outreach service also choose to sign up to some of the activities at The Base which has proven successful so far – people have made new friends and tried a variety of new activities.


Using your budget flexibily to access 1:1 support at home or in the community alongside shared support to attend some activities means your budget could go further. 

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