Action Plan - 2015/2016





Parents asked to be kept Up to Date with news about Changes to Staffing.

It is noted that this has improved in recent times. Home diaries are being used where this is a requirement. Families are to be informed of changes to staff.


Team Leaders and Managers.


Holidays are not as frequent.

Service Users are given support to manage their finances and this includes calculating affordability of holidays and includes staff wages for extra hours given to the holidaymaker.



Team Leaders and Team Managers to discuss (where appropriate) with families the costs of any proposed holidays.

Up to date and to Continue with this

Process whenever Holidays/Short

Breaks are being discussed.

One Family said they would like to Get together more often with other families within the Household.

We need to consider how this would affect the routines of Service Users for who routine is Important, and due it being shared household and budget, if they would choose to host regular family events.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This This is something which may be

given some consideration

periodically, but is not likely to be

feasible on a regular basis.      

Due to the fact that it would possibly

cause disturbance for the Service

Users in the household who don’t

benefit from having extra people in

the house - either due to behaviours

or anxieties during 'busy' periods or

those who don't have family to invite.

We would like to know how much money our son has in the bank without asking.

The Manager will discuss with the parents what they are asking for in this statement

Shelagh Thompson

To speak with Family before

February 29 2016.

People didn’t Understand what Positive Risk is.

Awareness of Positive risks will be raised with Families in Review and PCP Meetings.eg encouraging Service Users to be involved in daily living skills and Socail Inclusion.


Managers , Team Leaders and all Support Staff.

This is a continuous process

and is a part of daily support

given to Individuals.








On Occasions that Staff don’t go the Extra Mile for the Service Users

On the occasions where the service user is disappointed by our response to their request, we should ensure that we have explained why it isn’t possible on that occasion, but that we will look at it for future requests.


Team Managers, Team Leaders, Support staff

Awareness to be raised that negative

responses are being seen as letting

them down and that things should

be explained to the service user,

as appropriate to them.

By February 29 2016.

Not able to go out and about in The Community enough. Not able to go to Local Events and Activities.


The people answering this are unable to access these without support.


Team Managers, Team Leaders, Support Staff.

Service Users are encouraged

and support is scheduled around

the times of activities and events,

which promotes  Community


This is a continuous process and

monitored in Daily Diaries.

Not allowed to take Positive Risks, I wouldn’t Feel Safe.

Raise awareness of positive risks to service Users and the risks that they do take, which will contribute to their Self Esteem


Team Managers, Team Leaders, Support Staff

This is a continuous process and a

vital part of daily support which is




I don’t like being pestered by a Female Housemate.

This is a historical thing and work is ongoing around this issue and the Service Users knowing what is and isn’t acceptable


Under regular review, involving both Service Users with support from their staff Team.


I would like to see more staff and more Drama Sessions at The Base.

This s the response of an Individual and is a personal opinion,


Team Leader to speak with them and to see if they would be interested in attending Drama at a location other  than The Base.

Meeting to be held with the

Service User to begin

discussions around this

wish by 12 February 2016.


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