As part of the Driving Up Quality process, we took the following steps to ensure all Stakeholders would have an opportunity to assess Highfield and the services we provide against the 5 Key Areas, and respond providing us with feedback.


  • The Managers discussed each of the Key Areas in detail and compiled a list of current examples of good practice and areas which we should look to improve.
  • Questionnaires were sent out to all our service users and aproppriate support was offered to complete these.
  • Families were invited to a consultation in which a presentation was given and opportunity for verbal respnses was provided.
  • Questionnaires went out all to families to provide further opportunity for feedback and provide an opportunity for those families who couldn’t attend the consultation, to respond.
  • The Driving Up Quality Initiative was discussed at the Team Leader meeting and the Team Leaders were invited to attend the consultation.
  • Managers attended staff meetings and asked a series of questions, so staff could provide feedback within each of the Key Areas.
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