Organisations that provide support for people with learning disabilities are being asked to sign up to a new initiative called the Driving Up Quality Code to ensure they aim for beyond minimum standards and improve the lives of people in their care. The Driving Up Quality Alliance, which is provider led has taken action and developed a new code in response to the abuse of people with learning disabilities at Winterbourne View care home in 2011, to ensure this never happens again.


The Driving Up Quality Code outlines good fundamental practices and behaviour that organisations which support people with learning disabilities need to be committed to. Signing up to the Code is a public commitment from organisations that they believe in these good practices and are achieving or actively working towards them. Signing up to the Code is also a commitment from organisations to be transparent about how they operate.


The Driving Up Quality Code lists 5 key areas that indicate the practices of a good organisation –

  1. Support is focused on the person
  2. The person is supported to have an ordinary and meaningful life
  3. Care and support focuses on people being happy and having a good quality of life
  4. A good culture is important to the organisation
  5. Managers and board members lead and run the organisation well

The code provides guidance to organisations on how to assess themselves against these 5 areas. The purpose of the self assessment process is to allow providers to be reflective, honest, open and inclusive.



helps us to stand back and think about what we are doing. It is not just looking at what is good or bad about the service but also looking at things from the service user’s point of view.



encourages people to have a honest conversations about their work, how they do it and why. Encourages discussions about company and staff principles and the decision making processes and how these may impact on the service users and their families.



ensures the process is inclusive with the views and feedback from service users, their families, staff and external partners.

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